15 ideas for non-existing apps: unexplored niches with great potential

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15 ideas for non-existing apps: unexplored niches with great potential

The mobile app industry is like the universe: while many planets, stars, and black holes are known, it's such a vast space that there are still many things waiting to be discovered. Nowadays, it seems like there are mobile apps for everything, but the reality is that there are unexplored niches waiting for disruptive ideas. Have you ever thought about it? If so, we'll show you some ideas for apps that don't exist yet, which might inspire your creativity.

At this point, it's impossible to imagine life without the use of mobile apps. We need them for everyday tasks: making bank transfers, paying bills, chatting with friends, finding jobs, watching movies, playing games, driving, and much more. They are part of our daily routines.

That's why, when it comes to creating an app, you might have doubts. In which niche should you focus? What innovative app can you create? If you're passionate about coding, you know that there are no limits. You can code your creativity and turn any idea into an app, especially if it makes people's lives easier.

Continue reading this post and choose any of these ideas to bring to life. Are you up for it? Let's go!

List of 15 Ideas for Non-Existing Apps

#1 AI-Powered Recipe App

It's time to delight food enthusiasts! Following the footsteps of the new ChatGPT update, you can leverage the integrations that AI offers to create an app that displays recipes based on image recognition. In other words, you point the app at the ingredients you have in your pantry or fridge to get a selection of recipes.

It would be great if the recipes were displayed in a table or list format and could be categorized into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course, the idea is for the recipes to appear almost instantly with their respective steps and preparation time. If possible, you could also give users the option to share these recipes on other apps like WhatsApp or Facebook. Feeling hungry yet?

#2 App for Recognizing Unknown Clothing

Imagine you're standing in line at the bank, and you see someone wearing a jacket that you absolutely love. If you're too shy to ask them where they bought it, it would be fantastic if you could use an app that analyzes the item and shows you some online stores where you can find it.

Believe us, there are users who would be thrilled with an app like this, especially fashion enthusiasts. In addition to showing where to buy a piece of clothing, you could add a unique feature to the app if it can compare prices.

Admit it, this is one of those app ideas with promising potential.

#3 App for Discussing Common Topics with Strangers

You're lying in bed, and some existential questions pop into your mind, keeping you from falling asleep. Instead of tossing and turning in bed, you pick up your phone and open an app where hundreds of strangers are online, eager to discuss those topics that trouble you.

You can create an app for "know-it-alls" or people who love to debate about unusual topics: health, the environment, conspiracy theories, ideologies, religion, philosophy, literature, and more. Just try to categorize these topics separately so that users can enter the area that interests them and find someone with the same questions.

#4 App for Basic Commodity Deals

There are many stores with mobile apps, but it's rare to find an independent one that shows the best deals at the supermarkets you often visit.

Imagine a mobile app that constantly updates the prices of the products you buy the most (e.g., meat, chicken, and vegetables) and shows their real-time prices at nearby supermarkets, including alerts for low prices and special promotions.

#5 Lie Detection App

How many times have we suspected that someone is not telling us the truth? It happens to all of us. We can't afford to buy a polygraph, but we can create a mobile app that helps verify people's honesty.

Uncover the Pinocchios around you! Rely on an app that uses augmented reality, point the camera at the person's face, and wait for the results to indicate whether you're dealing with a liar or not. In theory, the app should read people's body language and provide a result.

For a touch of humor, you could make the liar's nose grow like Pinocchio's. It's a great idea!

#6 App for Detecting Calories in Foods

Are you on a diet? Are you a fitness enthusiast? One day, you might be invited to a party and find the most delicious treats on the table, and if you're hungry, you're unlikely to remember your diet. You just want to be like Bruce, the boy from Matilda who devoured a whole chocolate cake.

Before eating anything, it would be good to pick up your phone and use an app that shows you the average calories in the foods on the table so you can keep track of your daily calories.

It's also valuable if you can input the ingredients in each dish, and the app provides an estimate of the calories. Trust me, there are many users who would be interested in such an app.

#7 Mood-Aligned Book App

If sometimes we struggle to choose a series on Netflix, imagine the task of picking the next book we want to read. That's why a mobile app that combines smart algorithms and determines the user's mood through tests and analysis could be useful for recommending books based on their mood.

This way, it's easier to find that literary gem where each user can relate. Also, consider adding a section to the app for leaving comments about the books, so users can find clearer references.

#8 Plant Identification App

If you're looking for more app ideas that don't exist yet, here's the eighth proposal: a plant and species recognition app. Some users can't resist falling in love with a plant, but they probably don't know its scientific name and key information about it, such as its lifespan, the type of soil it grows in, and its health benefits.

An app with these qualities would be valuable for those interested in ecological aspects and could be used for academic purposes.

#9 Pet Care App Idea

There are apps for pregnant women and first-time mothers, but there are few that provide tips on pet care. Create an app that offers recommendations on hygiene and health, reminders for walks, suitable pet food, recipes, and more.

You could also include a chat section to facilitate interaction among pet caregivers and allow them to share their experiences.

#10 Design and Architecture App

For this app, you need to incorporate augmented reality. The idea is that the user can point their camera at an area they want to build or remodel and design it virtually.

With this method, each user can get an idea of what the space they want to arrange will look like. Keep in mind that the app should have customizable options, a wide variety of resources and colors, tips, and other tools that allow users to create the space of their dreams.

#11 App for Academic Materials and School Supplies

More than an app, it would be a marketplace for buying, selling, lending, and exchanging books and school supplies.

There are academic texts that can be hard to come by, but with an app like this, anyone who has them can put them up for sale.

Students of civil engineering or architecture, for example, can use this marketplace to buy special rulers, materials for models, and more.

#12 App for Finding Parking Spots

There are cities where parking a vehicle can be quite a challenge. In the midst of this need, an app that helps users find public parking spaces is a great idea.

The interface could be similar to Google Maps, with lots of red points indicating available parking spaces. It's an efficient way to avoid driving around the city in search of a spot, don't you think?

Be the first to design such an app!

#13 Wedding Planning App

A wedding requires maximum management and organization. Designing an app to plan aspects related to catering, floristry, decoration, guests, makeup artists, etc., is a fabulous idea to help future couples have a memorable wedding.

And for those already married, it's valuable if the app allows them to view furniture offers, travel deals, read reviews, and leave comments for other couples.

#14 App for Breaking Bad Habits

Smoking, gambling, and drinking alcohol are often difficult habits to break. Sometimes it's something that can't be achieved overnight, but an app can be very helpful in speeding up the process.

The app can keep track of the days a person has refrained from a bad habit and provide tips for a healthier life. Even if it's a simple app, don't forget to show the benefits of giving up a particular habit: improved blood circulation, lung function, reduced fatigue, and stress, etc. Show users that their efforts are not in vain.

#15 Pet Dating App

If there's Tinder for singles looking for either casual or serious relationships, why isn't there a similar app for pets? It's unfair!

Be the first to create an app that connects pet owners to facilitate romance between their pets. If a person owns a Siberian Husky, it's only logical that they would look for another dog of the same breed to fall in love with and have lots of puppies.

You can be the cupid of pets!

Basic Tips for a Successful App in the Market

It's not enough to just have a great idea for designing a mobile app; you should consider the following points to increase the chances of success:

  • Identify a market need and strive to fulfill it.
  • Create an easy-to-use app with an intuitive interface.
  • Ensure it performs optimally. Nobody wants to use slow apps.
  • Design an appealing logo and name.
  • Prioritize user data privacy.
  • Include a search system if applicable.

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