9 Examples of App Install Ads That Are Acquiring Desired Users

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9 Examples of App Install Ads That Are Acquiring Desired Users

An app with very few users is equivalent to being invisible. Your hours of effort are going to waste, and your reputation as a publisher is plummeting. But fortunately, it's not an irreversible situation, and these 9 examples of app install ads will demonstrate how much you can grow.

Programmatic advertising can provide you with a double benefit. It not only allows you to monetize but also helps you grow your user community, retain existing users, and make yourself more attractive to premium advertisers. Investing in your project is a way to multiply your earnings.

Examples of app install ads: What are they and why can they help you?

If you are part of the world of programmatic advertising, you are surely concerned about knowing the creatives that work for others. You keep an eye on the latest trends and optimize your ad inventory, but you may not know how they work for your purposes.

This is where app install ads come into play. They are aimed at promoting the download of your app directly from the ad. They seamlessly link to app stores and appear on various platforms, from browsers to third-party applications.

Their use is essential for any user acquisition campaign. The reason? They are the ideal vehicle to tell an interested audience, "Looking for a solution? Here's what you need."

How can app install ads help you?

With app install ads, you take on a more active role in growing your user community. Instead of waiting for users to find you through app stores, you leverage natural promotion spaces to showcase the benefits and advantages of your app.

These types of ads appear in multiple spaces in the digital world: browser search results, streaming services, and social media. Ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads include this format as part of their creative offerings for app campaigns.

Taking advantage of these advertising spaces is also a challenge of creativity and persuasion. The ads must have the necessary engagement to convince potential users to download the app. As you can see, it is a demanding tool if you want to use it effectively.

A widely used ad format on social media

Examples of app install ads abound on social media. It's logical: they become ideal spaces to reach potential users of any product or service. And at this point, algorithms are your best allies as they can place the right ad in front of the right person.

You can maximize this advantage if you also have profiles on these platforms. Posts with valuable information about your app, usage tips, and advantages create the ideal environment to enhance the effectiveness of app install ads.

With this format, you also get short- and medium-term benefits. They facilitate rapid growth in the number of installations, contribute to app store optimization (ASO), and improve the positioning of your app.

These are the 9 examples of app install ads to gain more users

Since it is a format that can be used on various platforms, you can find multiple examples of app install ads. How do other developers usually employ them? What possibilities does each ad publishing platform offer you? With these examples, we will explore the possibilities you have at hand.

#1 Search Results

When users of a browser make relevant searches for your app, such as searching for services in a specific area or looking for a particular product, you can effectively use app install ads. It is crucial to associate your app with the most commonly used keywords.

Want an example? If someone enters "food delivery," among the search results, they may be suggested an app to request delivery service from restaurants. How is it identified? The entry will appear with the "Ad" label, a description of the app, the identification of the app store where it is available, and a call to action (CTA) like "Install."

As you can see, keywords are vital at this point. They should be terms frequently used by the audience you want to target and effectively linked to the needs your app satisfies. They can even be words used to find competitor applications.

But which platforms allow this format? Google Ads is one of the most used, thanks to its adaptable search ads.

#2 Twitter Ads

On this social network, we find several examples of app install ads, such as image ads. The graphic piece can have a button that directs users to your app, and you can use expressions like "Install" or "Open" as CTAs.

You can also find other similar formats, such as video ads with an app button or carousels, which can also contribute to the promotion of your app. How does the user know it's an ad? Because all Twitter Ads formats have the "Promoted" label.

In addition to facilitating the publication of app install ads, this platform allows you to scale your ads to reach other publishers through the Twitter Audience Platform.

#3 Facebook Ads

This ad platform offers extensive benefits in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. And in the case of publishers, the advantages extend to enabling the publication of ads to increase app downloads. For this, you have Meta's targeting tools at your service.

On this platform, you can take advantage of image and video ads, published individually or in a carousel format. They are generally accompanied by a brief but persuasive copy, the CTA "Install Now," and the label "Sponsored."

When you publish your app install ads on Facebook, you are leveraging the advantages of the world's largest social network. Nearly 3 billion users today use this platform for multiple activities, offering you the possibility to create app installation campaigns.

#4 App Install Ads on YouTube

Increasing app downloads without considering YouTube is impossible. Over 2 billion people worldwide use this platform for education and entertainment. That's why major brands take advantage of its benefits to promote their products or services.

For apps, you can make the most of video ads, one of the fastest-growing ad formats in programmatic advertising. According to industry studies, more than 30% of the advertising budget in 2023 is directed towards this type of creativity.

On YouTube, you can use display ads, overlay ads, skippable ads, non-skippable ads, and bumper ads. They have variable durations and usage conditions suitable for the nature of each format.

Due to the characteristics of this streaming platform, your ad must be attractive, ingeniously showcasing the advantages of your app, and ending with a CTA that invites installation.

Like other social media platforms, YouTube ads are identified with the "Ad" icon, the app's category, its app store rating, and the "Install" button.

#5 Instagram Ads

This social network is one of the favorites in the world of digital marketing. According to Statista, it will reach 1.33 billion users in 2023, 60 million more than last year. This, combined with its connection to Facebook, makes it essential for your app installation campaigns.

One of its advantages lies in the versatility of its formats. Photos, videos, image sequences (known as "Swipe"), stories, and posts in the "Explore" section are examples to design your app install ads.

How are these ads presented? They are identified with the labels "Advertisement" or "Sponsored," while CTAs like "Install Now" or "Use App" are seen at the bottom of the ad.

#6 Banners

They never go out of style in programmatic advertising. They are a simple format adaptable to various digital environments. They can be used in the middle of a game or during a streaming session, emulating the dynamics of TV ads.

Various ad platforms like Google Ads offer banners as affordable formats that are easy to design and have good reach. They can be incorporated into websites and other mobile applications.

#7 Interstitial Ads

If you want your app to stand out, this format is your ally. By occupying the full screen, you can showcase the benefits and advantages of your app in the most appealing way possible. How is this possible? This format allows videos, interactive content, and rich media accompanied by a powerful CTA to stimulate installation.

With these resources, you can showcase the functions of your app. You can also partner with other apps to promote your development.

Although it is a highly demanded format in programmatic advertising, ad platforms have special conditions for its use. It should not interrupt the browsing experience, and it is vital to respect the frequency of appearance to avoid overwhelming the user.

#8 Playable Ads

If there is an effective way to promote app downloads, it is by stimulating its use. That's what you can do with playable ads: the user interacts with the app install ad through a game that ends with a CTA.

The characteristics of this ad format make it ideal for advertising in video games. They fit perfectly into the user's context, leveraging their mood with playful messages. Combined with proper targeting, they virtually guarantee the installation of any app.

Is your app not a game? Don't worry: you can still use a playable ad to promote installations. You can "gamify" the main functions of your app and thus stimulate downloads.

#9 App Store Ads

On average, it is estimated that the major app stores collectively host about 10 million applications. Being present in these digital environments, more than a mere requirement, requires continuously developing positioning strategies. How do you face this? By using app install ads.

You can do this on the App Store through Apple Search Ads, a service designed to promote mobile applications among owners of iOS devices. It is developed based on these principles: conversions are much more likely on app stores, and ads are created by grouping keywords or audiences.

App install ads examples: The case of TikTok

This video creation application, with over 1 billion monthly users, has made extensive use of app install ads. In its installation campaign, it includes ads on platforms like Twitter, an effective way to reach more users by leveraging the reach of established social networks.

Instead of competing, TikTok decided to take advantage of the user communities of other established social networks to grow. The result? Great recognition in app stores, increased downloads, and a wide reach.

Can you advertise app installations on TikTok?

Yes! Through its TikTok Ads Manager service, which facilitates the creation of install ad campaigns. Companies like Coinbase, dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies, and apps like Bumble, designed for dating, have reported favorable results by advertising downloads on this social network.

But their experience doesn't end there. They have also taken advantage of other advertising environments such as the App Store or search results.

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