Top 10 SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) with High eCPM and Ad Fill Rate

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Top 10 SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) with High eCPM and Ad Fill Rate

Why settle for minimal earnings from your app when there are alternatives to monetize more? To make this happen, you must act strategically and choose the best SSP (Supply Side Platform), the platform where you can make your ad inventory available to the global demand.

While there are numerous SSPs in the market, some with defined niches (such as gaming apps), we can't just choose at random or leave everything to chance. We should aim to use platforms that connect with multiple sources of demand and offer the best effective cost per mille (eCPM) for every thousand impressions.

Which SSPs are right for you? What things should you know before choosing one? These are some of the things we'll break down in this article. Additionally, we'll present a top ten list of the best Supply Side Platforms for you to choose the one that suits your needs.

Key Characteristics of a Successful SSP / Supply Side Platform: What to Consider

An SSP, also known as a Supply Side Platform, is a tool that helps publishers manage, coordinate, and make their inventory available to advertisers.

In essence, an SSP serves as the main interface to connect with Ad Exchanges and, consequently, negotiate ad spaces with advertisers who manage their purchases using Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs).

In this context, every publisher's concern should be to find an SSP that possesses the following characteristics:

# 1 Integration with Multiple Platforms: Before choosing an SSP, you should research the types of integrations it offers and whether it can connect with various sources of demand to secure the best advertisers and achieve a high fill rate.

# 2  Real-Time Auctions: If the SSP you're considering doesn't offer real-time auctions, it's better to seek an alternative. Real-time auctions in SSPs create an environment where supply and demand prevail, leading buyers and sellers to compete for ad impressions, thereby increasing the chances of finding advertisers who maximize the value of each impression.

#3  Effective Inventory Management: Apart from real-time auctions, one of the most valuable features of an SSP lies in the autonomy it provides to the publisher. You should aim to join an SSP that allows you to manage, organize, and categorize your inventory seamlessly.

#4  Data Analysis: In the realm of programmatic advertising, performance analysis is crucial for making informed decisions. An efficient SSP should gather and analyze user information and ad performance data, including metrics like clicks, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

#5  Audience Segmentation: Ideally, an SSP should understand audience behavior and preferences. This helps publishers segment their inventory to specific and potential advertisers, providing a win-win situation where publishers make money and advertisers gain greater visibility.

Additionally, you should choose an SSP with an intuitive interface that's easy for making adjustments, managing inventory, and simplifying other tasks related to programmatic advertising.

Advantages of Using an SSP / Supply Side Platform

It's challenging for an app to achieve higher monetization levels without the right SSP and proven tools for maximizing earnings.

But what are the benefits of having an SSP with the characteristics we've described above? Here are four advantages:

  • Attract the Right Advertisers: An ideal SSP allows you to optimize your ad inventory and attract users who are compatible with your content. This is crucial for achieving a better eCPM.
  • Improved Fill Rate: Connecting with advertisers whose products align with your audience ensures higher acceptance and a greater percentage of effectively displayed ads. Metrics will reflect the progress made.
  • Flexible Inventory Pricing: Having control over your impressions is an advantage that enables you to set a minimum price for your ad inventory and adjust it according to market behavior.
  • Avoid Repetitive Ads: Seeing the same ad repeatedly in an app can lead users to become disinterested and either skip or, in the worst case, stop using the application. With an SSP, this is mitigated as the system sets an ad frequency cap with DSPs.

Top 10 Supply Side Platforms in 2023

There are numerous SSPs to choose from, but which one is right for you? While we've already provided some characteristics to consider when choosing, here are 10 Supply Side Platforms whose technology has been tried and tested by thousands of publishers and advertisers worldwide. Choose wisely!

#1 PubMatic

PubMatic is quite popular within the programmatic advertising industry. Its platform gives publishers control over their inventory and allows access to potential audiences that ensure optimal return on investment. It offers various ad formats and analytical tools.

#2 Wortise

At Wortise, we manage our ad inventory directly through Google Ad Manager's SSP. This allows us to manage demand sources from a single platform and develop direct or programmatic ad campaigns. Our first-party data technology enables strategic segmentation to reach premium advertisers. Our intuitive dashboard helps monitor inventory performance and make data-driven decisions.

#3 Sharethrough

This omnichannel ad exchange focuses on real-time bidding and has implemented new tactics to enhance user satisfaction with ads. Sharethrough is known for promoting dynamic video ads with subtitles to increase user engagement. Campaigns using dynamic videos can be activated through any DSP.

#4 Criteo

Founded 18 years ago in Paris, Criteo offers a comprehensive SSP for publishers. Its technology aims to capture valuable users who actively engage with your app. Publishers can use Criteo to organize inventory and connect directly with premium ads. AI is used to find insights and commonalities with specific users and advertisers, boosting engagement and eCPM.

#5 Adform SSP

Adform advises its clients not to underestimate their inventory. The platform connects to global demand and provides resources for inventory control, analysis, DMP integrations, and more to enhance the value of each impression. It allows publishers to reach ad demand securely, view bidding on inventory, and track audiences. Ad spaces are bought in real time.

#6 Equativ

Formerly known as Smart AdServer and headquartered in New York and Paris, Equativ offers a comprehensive monetization solution integrated with high-value buyers and sellers. Predictive algorithms optimize ad performance. Its SSP allows direct deals or open auctions, giving access to premium demand through DSPs and advertisers.

#7 offers access to large ad groups after enabling its SSP. It prioritizes native ads, providing transparency and control over inventory, detailed performance reports, various ad formats, and neutral real-time auctions. uses keyword-based filtering to understand user intent and promises ultrarapid requests for demand.

#8 Xandr

Formerly AppNexus, Xandr Monetize SSP has an intuitive platform for selling inventory in private or open auctions with high value. Its technology encourages users to connect with premium demand and unlock inventory value. It offers forecast and performance analytics for strategic planning.

#9 Teads SSP

Teads has a diverse portfolio and is a pioneer in out-stream video ads. Its SSP has a variety of brands and advertisers. Teads has helped publishers increase video inventory by over 700%. The SSP allows direct or programmatic sales and offers monitoring tools, real-time reports, and optimization support.

#10 ReklamStore SSP

Ideal for smaller publishers aiming to boost fill rate using a user-friendly interface. Its header bidding network integrates numerous buyers and sellers through proprietary algorithms and efficient ad placements. It offers competitive eCPM rates, granular reporting, transparency, and multiple DSPs.

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