Video Ads for Ignored Apps: 5 Ways to Stop User Scroll and Generate Installs

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Video Ads for Ignored Apps: 5 Ways to Stop User Scroll and Generate Installs

A moving image can stop the world. It happens in movies, on social media, and, believe it or not, in mobile app advertising. Think this doesn't concern you? Well, it's time to experiment with these 5 ways to stop your potential users from scrolling with video ads for apps: guaranteed installs.

These alternatives have delivered extraordinary results for other publishers, who have seen their apps emerge from obscurity and start growing. You will make the most of one of the fastest-growing formats in the world of programmatic advertising.

Video ads for apps: a growing trend

If you look at the digital landscape, you'll see how audiovisual content becomes more essential every day. Tutorials, music videos, games, and entertainment content—all of it comes in video format. In fact, it is estimated that over 80% of internet traffic is directed towards consuming this format.

And if there were any doubts, other data confirms this trend. YouTube, with over 2 billion users, is the second most visited website in the world, after Google. Nearly half of internet users regularly visit the leading streaming platform today.

There are many reasons for this growth. The impact of audiovisual content for recreation and entertainment lies in its engagement. According to the digital platform 1 to 1 video, visual data is processed 60,000 times faster than text. It's nearly impossible to ignore them!

Videos are also an extraordinary tool for showcasing processes, products, and services. By directly showing how a recipe is prepared or how a tool can be used, you not only increase a user's interest, but you also convey the message: "See? It's very easy to use. And you can do it too." That's the logic behind video ads.

Social media also drive video as a format

TikTok, one of the platforms that experienced significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, is contributing to the expansion of video as a format. The platform's 1 billion users are there to produce, share, and enjoy audiovisual content.

But, contrary to what might be believed, TikTok is not alone in this. Prior to this, platforms like Instagram were paving the way for content production and publishing, a task that is becoming increasingly simple with smartphone features.

Given this landscape, programmatic advertising cannot leave videos out of its ad formats. Audiences are becoming more visual every day, and advertisers know they must speak the language of moving images.

Video Ads app: How can it boost my app?

By using this format to create well-designed ads, you will make it clear to the world that it can no longer ignore you. With a good sequence, a duration that adheres to mobile advertising recommendations, and proper targeting, you will contribute to promoting your app.

With a good video ad, you can demonstrate several things:

  • The utility of your app: By showing images of what your app can do, you can quickly capture attention.
  • Ease of use: When we see that a product, program, or service is user-friendly and easy to use, we are more inclined to use it.
  • The problems it can solve: People download an app to fulfill a need or solve a problem.
  • The recreational potential: This quality is not exclusive to games. Learning apps also possess this characteristic.
  • The experience of other users: When someone tells us about their experience using an app, we are more likely to try it out.

Downloading the app is the ultimate goal

You can have a fabulous video, but if it doesn't convince your potential users, you will be wasting your time. When you create a video ad to boost an app and increase its installations, your efforts are focused on persuasion.

To do this, you need to be clear about your objectives and the current state of your app. Promoting an app that has just entered the market is different from promoting one that has stagnant growth. In both cases, your ad should align with a precise marketing plan.

When you have a clear understanding of who your target audience is, what you can offer them, how to reach them, and what sets you apart from your competitors, you have a better chance of designing effective video ads. The number of installations will increase, and your user community will grow.

Stop, user! Here are 5 ways to stop the scroll and generate installs

At this point, you understand that you should promote your app with video ads if you want to increase your user base. But you likely have many doubts: How do you do it? How do you create an effective and engaging message without losing effectiveness? How long should the ad be? How do you design a truly powerful call to action (CTA)?

Like you, many other publishers are asking these questions. Fortunately, mobile advertising experts have answers. We can take these 5 tricks from the success of top apps to stop the scroll and get users to download your app:

#1 Appeal to storytelling to showcase the advantages of your app

Talking about your app can become tedious if you don't spark interest in your audience. It doesn't matter what you're selling—you must connect immediately. That's why an effective alternative for your purposes is to appeal to storytelling techniques to build a relevant and interesting story.

In an environment where we have seconds to engage people, create fresh, creative, simple, and straightforward stories. They should have an easy-to-follow structure tailored to your target segment and use a relatable language.

Due to the fleeting nature of the ad, you must capture attention within the first 3 seconds to ensure that your potential user will watch until the end. Keep their interest and close with a CTA that truly contributes to achieving a proper conversion rate.

With this perspective, you can leverage testimonials, real stories, recreate ideal situations, or show comparative advantages of your app.

How to create an effective message with video ads?

If you need inspiration to create a message that increases app installations, you can review the ideas that work best in mobile advertising. These are concepts associated with the positive aspects that help highlight the virtues of any product or service.

What are these ideas? Facts that corroborate the advantages of your app, interaction with your user community, influencer testimonials, the problems you can solve, a preview of the main features, or demonstrations of your app's utility.

You can also focus your video ad on the main distinctive feature of your app that sets it apart from the rest.

#2 Design short videos to ensure higher engagement

Let's think about the circumstances in which we can display ads. Most of the time, they are interruptions within an app or spaces that should not disrupt the browsing experience. We mustn't be intrusive; we want to grab attention without the risk of rejection.

For this reason, video ads for promoting your app should be short, depending on their placement. If you want to use an in-stream video, for example, it should not exceed 15 seconds. In other cases, the ad can be up to 30 seconds long. It all depends on the platform where you will advertise.

Can an ad be longer than 30 seconds?

You can combine short videos with other longer video formats. In this case, the difference lies in the ad placement and the circumstances in which it will be published.

#3 Video Ads app: Evaluate the available formats on ad platforms

If you want to advertise on other apps, websites, or social media platforms, you should evaluate which formats best suit these environments. This ensures the effective viewing of your video ads and stops your potential users from scrolling, keeping them engaged.

Given the rise of vertical videos, many platforms are adapting their settings to publish ads in this format. It occupies a significant portion of the screen and aligns with the most common use of smartphones, as most of the time we hold our smartphones in a vertical position.

Although vertical format is trendy, it's not the only one to consider. Horizontal ads work well on YouTube's video player, so don't disregard them.

Capture potential users with interstitial ads

Beyond social media, mobile apps can also be a favorable space for promoting app downloads. In this case, interstitial ads are an ideal option as they capture the interest of potential users by occupying the entire screen.

For this ad format, it's advisable to adjust your video to be viewed both horizontally and vertically. This way, you cater to both smartphones and tablets.

Regardless of the platform you choose, follow this golden rule: conduct A/B tests of your video ads to ensure their effectiveness on apps, social media, and websites.

#4 The beginning and the end: Key elements for a successful ad

While the entire ad should be effective, there are two critical points for increasing installations: the beginning and the end. The effectiveness of both significantly impacts engagement and achieving a good conversion rate.

In terms of the beginning, consider it as the hook you throw to your potential users. The first few seconds are crucial to ensure that they keep watching the ad. As a publisher, you know how much this factor matters in obtaining an effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM).

Marketing experts recommend showcasing the most attractive element of your video ad within the first three seconds. It is also essential to immediately show the identity of your app.

Regarding the end, the CTA is a key factor for success. Use persuasive phrases that encourage users to download your app.

Maintain consistency in your ad

As you know, an ad is more than an invitation to use a product or service. It is a powerful message that also helps establish an identity with your brand, introduce yourself to potential users, and convert them into active users. That's why not only the beginning and the end matter; achieving total coherence in your video ad is essential.

Therefore, carefully review if it aligns with the major trends in mobile advertising, uses attractive audiovisual resources, and maintains a sense of unity. If all the pieces fit together, you will achieve an effective result.

#5 Follow the recommendations of ad platforms for ad placement

Whether it's social media or apps, there are useful trends and recommendations for publishing video ads that benefit your app. The ad dimensions, advertising message structure, and recommended duration are valuable data for achieving your goals.

For example, Google recommends presenting the ad "in action," meaning you should showcase the functions and usability of your app, use high-quality images and logos, place the product in the focal point of the image, use individual images, and present appropriate and attractive texts.

This platform also warns against practices to avoid, such as using overlapping texts or buttons, low-resolution images, or collages.

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