10 Best Native Ad Platforms: Advertise Without Being Intrusive

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10 Best Native Ad Platforms: Advertise Without Being Intrusive

Spoiler Alert: those who land on the platforms where you advertise just want to have fun. And advertising? They tolerate it better as long as it's not intrusive. That's why the best way to strike a balance between user experience and monetization is one: native ads. Do you want to integrate this format so that your audience doesn't hate you? Then it's worth knowing what the best native ad platforms are so you can increase your revenue without scaring away potential customers.

Native advertising platforms not only allow for seamless integration of ads into apps but also enable publishers and advertisers to track their campaigns, adjust strategies, and view metrics in real-time. It's a help that is truly appreciated!

But, which one to choose? Which ones are recommended for advertising without being intrusive? How do you know which one matches your style and expectations? In this post, we share ten alternatives and some key points that will come in handy. Let's go!

Best native ad platforms: consider these points before making a decision

Do you remember when advertising was something that only concerned radio, television, and print? Of course, it worked, but its main problem was that it sent everything to everyone. A lot of money was spent trying to reach your niche, and there was no such marketing holy grail as segmentation that we know today.

Unlike those prehistoric times, today we have much more advanced and effective resources. Among them is native advertising, which is characterized by adapting to the user's experience and, thanks to advanced algorithms, allows content to be displayed that matches the interests of individuals to the letter.

Now, whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, your first strategic move should be to use the best Native Ad platforms to achieve better results, increase interactions, and monetize more effectively. This is key!

There are several requirements you should consider when choosing a native advertising platform, especially if your goal is to display non-intrusive ads. Here are 7 points to consider when making your decision:

  • 1. Formats: the first step is to make sure that the platform offers various native ad formats that fit your goals. Including text ads, videos, interactive ads, among others, prevents your audience from getting fatigued with each ad. For example, the GeoSmart format, which appears with text and an image directly on the screen, achieves 100% viewability.
  • 2. Segmentation and Audience: you should verify if the advertising platform you like offers strategic segmentation options. This way, each ad will be shown to the right person, following demographic patterns, common interests, browsing behavior, device types, among other categories.
  • 3. Ad Quality: if the platform can display high-quality videos without buffering, then that's a green flag! You should prioritize the quality of your ads for better interactions.
  • 4. Reach: some native advertising platforms work with different ad networks simultaneously and connect with global demand. This is a plus, as it allows you to reach a broader audience.
  • 5. Analytical Tools: check if the platform has analysis and tracking tools to optimize the performance of your ads, so you can make necessary adjustments to your campaigns in real-time.
  • 6. Smart Ad Optimization: there are platforms whose systems can automatically prioritize creatives with better performance. This real-time optimization helps display effective ads without being intrusive.
  • 7. Integration and Ease of Use: another key point is to consider the ease of integration of the platform with apps. Furthermore, it should have an intuitive interface that allows you to manage your campaigns efficiently and user-friendly.

5 Valuable Tips for Advertising Without Being Intrusive

Native ads look and feel like part of the content. It's a way to promote something without it feeling forced. Although it may seem easy, to achieve this goal, it's better to follow some tips that have already worked for other advertisers:

#1 Relevant Ads: make sure the ads you plan to display are relevant and contextualized with the app's content and theme. If you want to display a nutrition ad, it makes sense to do it in mobile apps related to the food, health, and wellness sector. The advertising platform you use plays a key role here.
#2 Frequency: avoid the cardinal sin that tempts you to saturate users with ads. Your mission is to display them at the right moments and find an appropriate balance of frequency and quantity.
#3 Optimize Loading Speed: this one's for you, publishers. As the owner of the app, you need to optimize loading speed to avoid slowing down the user experience and causing frustration. Doing this will help you maintain long-term relationships with publishers and earn better profits.
#4 Embrace Transparency: good behavior above all. Be transparent about the promotional nature of your ads. Make sure to comply with privacy policies and provide accurate information about the use of user data to maintain strong relationships with advertisers.
#5 Monitoring: don't just set your campaign running and expect everything to happen by magic. It's better to constantly monitor your ads and optimize them based on the results you get, so you can identify which ones are intrusive or unreliable.

Top 10 Best Native Ad Platforms for Non-Intrusive Advertising

Now that you have a clearer picture of the type of platform you should choose and some tips you can apply to advertise intelligently, it's time to show you our list of the 10 best Native Ad platforms, the top platforms for native advertising:

#1 Wortise

At Wortise, our mediation platform designed by publishers for publishers prioritizes the placement of native ads so that you can monetize without causing discomfort to users. We help publishers connect with premium advertisers such as Netflix or Coca-Cola through our mediation with over 100 Ad networks.

In addition to being able to integrate native ads, our ad mediation platform supports other formats to avoid fatiguing your audience and test results. So, you also have the option to integrate Interstitials, banners (all sizes), rewarded ads, and GeoSmart ads. We strive to display each ad in the friendliest and most effective way to potential users, whose data and interests we know in advance (we work with first-party data technology).

Furthermore, with Wortise, you can count on personalized support in Spanish to address any issues, a dashboard with real-time metrics, and up to double the effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) offered by AdMob.

#2 Google AdMob

Let's start with perhaps one of the most famous Native Ad platforms in the world: Google AdMob. This ad mediation offers native formats that can be displayed in any app. Its interstitial ads appear native, smoothly transitioning within the app.

It offers mediation with different advertising networks, strategic segmentation to display relevant ads, analysis tools, and protection policies to ensure a safe environment.

#3 Fyber

This advertising platform is characterized by connecting with over 150 DSPs, real-time auctions, various ad formats (including native), and a lightweight and easy-to-integrate SDK.

Native ads in Fyber are designed to adapt to the style and format of the app's content, providing a more coherent and less intrusive advertising experience. Furthermore, it allows publishers to configure native ads in aspects such as size, location, and style.

#4 AppLovin

Videos, native ads, banners, and interstitials are part of the formats offered by AppLovin, one of the most reputable platforms in the programmatic advertising world.

Like other ad mediation platforms of its kind, AppLovin uses machine learning algorithms to optimize ad delivery to high-value audiences, offering the opportunity to achieve better revenue.

You can combine their non-intrusive ads with their monitoring tools to understand what's working and what's not.

#5 Vungle

This British-based platform aims to ensure that ads, regardless of their format, do not ruin the user experience. It strives to display them in the best possible quality, without pixelation or buffering.

It has a robust and easy-to-install SDK and allows for operations in a private marketplace or through open auctions. To ensure its effectiveness, Vungle authorizes the use of real-time A/B testing.

#6 InMobi

With over 200 DSPs and 5,000 potential buyers from renowned brands, InMobi is an excellent choice for selling your ad inventory to the best advertisers in the market.

It connects with global demand and has the peculiarity of working on a pricing model that guarantees higher eCPM earnings for the publisher. By thoroughly studying the audience, InMobi ensures that ads are displayed in a user-friendly manner.

#7 Unity Ads

We can't overlook Unity Ads, a platform focused on mobile game app monetization. In fact, it serves to develop games with its technology, which can easily integrate native ads.

In addition to native ads, they excel in offering rewarded videos – a favorite among gamers – a robust SDK, advanced segmentation tools, and self-service panels for efficient campaign management.

#8 AppMediation

AppMediation utilizes all advertising formats in the industry but emphasizes the customer experience. According to them, the company strives for "reliability, minimal interruptions, and high engagement."

Therefore, those who opt for this platform can access various ads, real-time reports, intelligent optimization systems, and the possibility to connect with the best premium demand partners (Unity Ads, AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, etc.).

#9 Chartboost

With 700 million users worldwide, Chartboost is a reference in mobile app monetization. Advertisers can be confident that their creatives will be published in high-performance apps, whose publishers have been accredited by the company and have a strong track record in fraud prevention.

Chartboost offers the most innovative formats on the market and advanced features to display them without ruining the user experience.

#10 Smaato

Smaato connects quality publishers with premium marketing specialists to attract audiences from around the world. It is a useful platform for publishing ads that blend with the app's content.

It has more than 190 integrated advertising networks, real-time auctions, and the most commonly used ads in the market. Its interface allows each publisher to work securely and transparently to ensure a smooth user experience.

Hello, Publisher! At Wortise, we help you achieve better profitability for your app with our advanced ad network mediation platform with over 100 Ad Networks.

We work with innovative formats, apply hyper-strategic segmentation, and allow you to view real-time metrics so you can make informed decisions.

Our advanced algorithms ensure that your ads are displayed discreetly and effectively.