Programmatic Monetization Strategies

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Programmatic Monetization Strategies

If the recent pandemic has shown us anything, it is the crucial role of the Internet in our daily lives, work, and business. That’s why the development of apps for different verticals and brands was key to maintain or even increase their revenue during lockdown. In the present time and this on and off coming back to normal the trend continues, as we are still increasing our app usage.

According to Appsflyer’s last state of apps in Latin America our region has one of the fastest-growing app markets in the world with unique characteristics like a young mobile-first population and a high smartphone penetration, resulting in a direct increase of more than 20% downloads YOY across the whole region. But in order to keep up with high demand and competition from apps across the globe it is important to maintain a good monetization strategy to avoid getting lost in this massive movement of apps.

There are several channels to drive revenue in the in app world but this article will focus on Wortise’s programmatic monetization strategies that can boost sales for publishers of any size.

The first example is Open Auction or Real-time Bidding (RTB) is a way of selling ad impressions that can be bid in real-time. Through auctions, publishers offer their inventory in Ad Manager 360 (our exchange) and advertisers place their bids; the highest bid wins.

The second one is Programmatic direct deals, which encapsulate three types of ad buying – Private Auctions, Preferred Deals, and Guaranteed Deals. In order to perform these the deal needs to be struck between a seller and a buyer without any intermediary. With Wortise’s sell representatives, located in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Spain, we manage to reach the biggest agencies and advertisers

What are the Pros Of oRTB?

When partnering with Wortise you will have instant access to Google’s open bidding solution, which allows you to offer your inventory to a wide range of demand partners like: Facebook Network, Applovin, OpenX, Pubmatic, Smart, MobFox, Inmobi, TripleLift among others.

Below we can see a short description of the benefits:

Minimize Latency. This allows you to continue to give a good user experience compared with other bidding solutions

Reduced Operational Complexity. It eliminates the need to manually update and manage waterfalls

Transparency & Unified Payments. Complete transparency on revenue you earn

Improved Reporting & Analytics. It provides valuable insight about advertisers and brand information that cut across sales channels.

What are the Pros Of Programmatic Direct?

Programmatic direct is a good idea for you (publisher) if you want to increase your eCPM and overall revenue, maintaining good quality on the ads offered to your user base then this is a great way to start!

Here’re some benefits of programmatic direct:

1. Quality: Advertisers run direct campaigns with highly targeted ad spaces and pay x3 higher cpms in return for such inventory. You can expect top quality ads from top level advertisers like Renault, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Amazon Prime, Netflix,  Movistar, YPF, Santander Bank, Walmart, among others.

2. Control: Here, the publisher gets complete control over the ads that are being displayed. And for advertisers, it becomes easy to plan campaigns when they are getting sure-shot impressions for a fixed time period.

3. Security: By offering their inventory to specific buyers, there is almost no chance of malvertisement, it simplifies sales and reduces the scope for human error.

In the end choosing a mix of both strategies accompanied by a clear understanding of your goals, challenges and opportunities will ultimately lead to a successful monetization.