Top 10 Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Platforms for Monetizing Apps in 2023

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Top 10 Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Platforms for Monetizing Apps in 2023

Can you imagine the app monetization industry without real-time auctions? In another universe, it might be possible, but in our world, it certainly isn't. As publishers, we know the benefits of this digital advertising buying and selling flow to prevent any unused spaces in our inventory. Therefore, knowing the best Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platforms can help us make the most of our advertising spaces.

There are many platforms of this kind in the market, and instead of choosing randomly, you should aim to use those that are transparent in their processes, integrate modern technology, have a reputable market presence, and connect you with relevant advertisers in each auction. This combination, along with your own strategies, will lead to good results.

In this post, we want to show you 10 of the best real-time bidding platforms so you can focus on the code and let technology monetize for you.

What does Real-Time Bidding mean?

The term Real-Time Bidding (RTB) refers to a fully automated process that involves the buying and selling of advertising spaces in real-time. It operates through auctions in which ad buyers bid for impressions simultaneously. The highest bid wins.

It's important to note that advertisers bid on offers following certain criteria they set (user types, location, etc.). They are called "real-time auctions" because, indeed, their proceedings are extremely fast. When someone initiates an advertising exchange, the ad immediately appears in the app. It's a matter of milliseconds.

Its impact is so strong in the world of mobile advertising that, according to estimates, it will surpass 27 trillion dollars by 2024. Quite impressive, isn't it? Given such a promising outlook, it's our job to continually improve our RTB auction tactics.

Now, when we talk about the best real-time bidding platforms, we are referring to mediation companies with sophisticated technology that can help you attract the best ads and, consequently, increase the monetization level of each interaction.

How do Real-Time Bidding platforms work? Here's what you need to know.

For RTB auctions to work correctly, Ad Exchanges platforms come into play, acting as a kind of digital advertising marketplace that connects advertisers and publishers. To better understand, we can say it plays the role of a "matchmaker" in a fully automated and fast-paced scheme.

First, we have Supply Side Platforms (SSP), which are platforms that publishers use to list their inventory for sale with the parameters they deem appropriate. On the other hand, advertisers use Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) to define the type of audience they want to reach, prioritize devices, demographics, and more.

Bidding, competitiveness, offer comparison, and the winner are determined in a matter of milliseconds. Advertisers and publishers don't need to negotiate manual agreements; everything is done automatically in the marketplace.

Algorithms match common interests between publishers and advertisers. Therefore, if a publisher has a tourism app, it may be common for an advertiser to bid in the auction to display an ad about accommodation promotions or cheaper flights.

Advantages of monetizing your app using RTB platforms

Every seller wants to sell their products, regardless of the method. The formula is simple: more sales, more profitability. For a publisher, RTB auctions offer a very high probability of selling their spaces in seconds, as they dive into a dynamic and competitive market.

But, what are the real advantages of using specialized platforms for real-time auctions? Let's discover some:

  • More Revenue: As you would expect, the main advantage for publishers is the ability to sell their space to the highest bidder. If competition is high, it can result in higher prices. Some advertisers are willing to pay for specific impressions.
  • Global Demand Access: An RTB platform helps each publisher reach beyond borders and connect with advertisers from around the world.
  • Flexibility: Real-time bidding platforms offer flexibility and autonomy for each publisher to make decisions about their inventory. They can decide how much to charge, policies, restrictions, and more.
  • Sell Surplus Inventory: If you can't sell your inventory with programmatic direct deals, you can join the RTB market and fill those empty spaces.
  • Time Savings: By leaving everything to RTB platforms and avoiding direct negotiations with advertisers, you save a lot of time that you can invest in other areas.
  • Analysis: Just listing your inventory in the auction is not enough; you need constant monitoring and performance metrics review. An RTB platform provides these tools, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platforms: 7 alternatives you can use to monetize your app in 2023

#1 Wortise

At Wortise, we have the largest mobile marketplace in LATAM and the ability to mediate with over 100 Ad Networks. We manage ad inventory directly through Google Ad Manager's SSP, making it easy to manage various sources of demand (including auctions) from one place.

Thanks to years of work and advanced algorithms, we have first-hand data from thousands of relevant users worldwide, making it easy to hyper-segment in auctions. This allows you to reach premium advertisers effortlessly and maximize the value of your inventory.

We work with the most demanded and innovative ad formats in the market, and we provide full autonomy over your inventory so you can make informed and intelligent decisions (just rely on our real-time data dashboard).

With Wortise, you can connect in auctions with major brands like Ford, Netflix, Coca-Cola, and more.

#2 PubMatic

With a wide range of advertising formats and various performance analysis tools, PubMatic is a viable alternative for participating in real-time auctions and finding relevant advertisers.

It relies on advanced algorithms and technologies to help you sell your space to the highest bidder and, consequently, maximize the value of your inventory. It has a vast network of advertisers, and major global brands have integrated PubMatic for mobile digital advertising.

#3 Smaato

It's hard to imagine the mobile advertising ecosystem without Smaato. It's a platform used by thousands of publishers worldwide to connect with advertisers directly, in advertising networks (with over 200 integrated), or RTB auctions.

It offers various segmentation options and facilitates connections with premium advertisers. According to data on its website, Smaato can yield up to 30% more than what can be achieved with ad mediation.

It has a system that unifies competition with similar prices, transparency in negotiations, various ad formats, and analysis and support tools.

#4 Magnite (formerly Rubicon Project)

Based in the United States, Rubicon Project—now renamed as Magnite—is a powerful marketplace that offers dynamic and transparent auctions. It has an anti-fraud system to ensure fair operations and various ad formats.

Advertisers buying spaces on Rubicon Project do so without fees. It connects publishers with global demand based on their interests. It has tools that provide complete control over how inventory is sold.

#5 AdColony

AdColony focuses on video ads and prioritizes the user experience, ensuring that no ads are intrusive or annoying. It has a reach of over 1.5 billion users, the ability to play high-resolution videos instantly, and analysis tools.

Using this platform to enter RTB auctions is a good idea, especially if you want to connect with advertisers in the gaming industry, an area AdColony has emphasized in recent years.

#6 facilitates integration between SSP/DSP and promises publishers optimal benefits in advertising operations. Among the formats it offers, it prioritizes native ads.

Its real-time auction system is described as "neutral" because it aims to provide advantageous opportunities for both parties, publishers, and advertisers. Like the others we've mentioned, it has tracking and analysis tools.

#7 AppLovin

AppLovin is an ideal platform for monetizing gaming-related apps. It allows tracking of campaigns and has an ad-blocking system to restrict problematic ads.

It has a section called AppLovin Exchange where you can bid on more than 100 DSPs. It supports native, interstitial, rewarded formats, and more. Additionally, its SDK allows each publisher to apply their strategies to optimize their inventory.

#8 Chartboost

Described as the only advertising platform created by experts in mobile gaming, Chartboost has been serving as an ally to publishers and buyers for over a decade. It works with more than 25 sources of demand.

It offers a highly competitive auction environment and the possibility for the publisher to have total control over their inventory. According to the company, this promotes improvements in fulfillment rates.

Its global demand includes higher-value users with a high level of engagement. It also has an "impartial logic" system that eliminates opaque operations.

#9 ReklamStore SSP

With acceptable eCPM rates, this platform is extremely useful for publishers looking to achieve a higher fill rate without dealing with an unintuitive interface.

ReklamStore auctions efficiently and transparently cross sellers and buyers, thanks to algorithms that prioritize ads based on their locations.

It has dozens of DSPs and inventory monitoring and management tools.

#10 Xandr

Many publishers consider AppNexus—now called Xandr—as one of the most advanced RTB platforms on the market. Its ad exchange allows publishers and advertisers to engage in automated and secure operations, thanks to algorithms that assess the demand and relevance of each ad to satisfy both parties.

This platform provides data-based management and analysis tools, allowing each publisher to unlock the full value of their inventory. It promises holistic management of advertising space and performance forecasts to contribute to strategy planning.

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